100 Days of Health - 2021


Starting today, and for the next one hundred days, I’ll be actively progressing toward my physical health. My partner and I did something similar in the Summer of 2019, and while 2020 didn’t go as any of us had planned, now we’re back on track for a healthy 2021.

In part because of the last year or so, I now weigh more than ever before, and my waist is at its biggest circumference of my life. This is not to say that I look unhealthy. Most people probably wouldn’t notice. But I notice, and don’t like it. Bottom line, it’s unhealthy and it stops here.

So for the next 100 days, I will make have one dedicated improvement or initiative every day. Here are the kind of things that I’ll count (and log):
  1. targeted optimization to daily routine (allowed once per week)
  2. make or attend health appointment
  3. achieve pre-set target milestone

For example, today is day one of my new exercise regimen, and in the next week I’m seeing a dentist, an orthodontist, and getting a COVID inoculation. When I can do ten pull-ups without injury (instead of my current five), that will be a milestone day because I’ll have doubled my baseline. Reducing the girth of my belly by 5% will be another milestone, with 10% being the ultimate goal within the next 100 days. Challenging stuff, sure…but definitely doable. As long as I don’t hurt myself in the process, that’s why this is my first and most important of ten goals.

100-day goals include:
  1. Actively avoid all injuries that could compromise my progress (stay within margin of safety)
  2. Double upper & lower body strength (first reps, then endurance or load)
  3. Decrease waist circumference by 10% (to 30.5 inches)
  4. Restore flexibility to full range of motion (personal Tai Chi standard)
  5. Restore vocal strength & dexterity (personal One Mouth Band standard)
  6. Build/reinforce default habits of health & strength (diet, exercise, hygiene, etc.)
  7. Perform minimum daily activities in 100-day streak without exception
  8. Perform/schedule all regular & elective “someday” body maintenance appointments
  9. Build out infrastructure for physical health (HSA/budget, garden, etc.)
  10. Rigorously eliminate “slippery slope” activities
For that last one, experience tells me that there are a few common things that tend to cause derailments. As such, they are not allowed — unless documented at least 7 days in advance as a special exception.
  • alcohol or non-prescription drugs (exemption for allergy medicine)
  • spending 12+ hours in front of a computer on a single day
  • eating anything after 9pm local time
  • sleeping less than 6hrs
  • redefining the scope of this project

My daily minimum activities (usually I’ll do more than this, but for the next 100 days I won’t do any less) include: 8 essential exercises (Tai Chi), 15min upper/lower body workout (Daily Burn, Body for Life, etc), walking 2-miles (one lap around lake counts), and keeping to “a healthy and focused diet”. Typically, I keep to a pretty healthy vegan diet, but for this 100-days of more intensive muscle-building, I have reason to believe my body do better including at least seafood and eggs as well. I’ll likely do some fasting and a round or two of keto, depending on how this all goes and how I feel throughout.

What about consequences if I slip? 60sec of ice cold shower (within 24hrs of noticing) AND adding another full week to these hundred days. This second part is new for me, and no I don’t like it at all. That’s kinda the point ;)

My target completion date is Friday, July 30th. I’ll be logging everything like crazy in this time, with some monthly updates posted here. Wish me luck!

…Care to join me? No need to do it my way, you can define whatever makes sense to you.

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