New Pitch


I help align the actions we take with the intentions we’ve expressed. This means learning from what is and changing it to become more of what we want. Along the way I help make sense out of chaos, I guess.

I do this for individuals (coaching), for groups (masterminds), and for organizations (consulting). I don’t focus on what work we got done, I focus on how much there is left to do eliminating as much from that list as possible.

I hail from the Learning & Development field (formerly known as Corporate Training), because pretty much everything there is to do in L&D, I’ve done. But I’ve never fit in there, really. I’m just as experienced and capable with marketing, entertainment, and technical stuff like coding or systems design.

Please don’t try and figure me out. We’ve got more important things than that to tackle together. You get a powerhouse of skills with me, and someone who’s as playful as he is serious.

I’d like to help. What do you need?