Now - June 2020


This is my Now page and here’s what’s up for me these days (as posted on 06/01/2020).

The pandemic mentality seems to have lightened up of late, and I’m getting inundated by work. Due to my own personal financial panic, I’ve stopped being picky and ended up saying “yes” to far too many things. All totally unrelated. Here’s most of what I’m working towards in June:

  1. Virtual Producer I’m producing online conferences, trainings, meetings, and other events for a few folks, including training industry goto’s like Virtual Learning Collaborative and the legendary Bob Pike. It mostly means I’m doing things getting up at 4am and providing many hours of user support to people who still can’t seem to figure out how a mute button works.
  2. Technical Writer I think that’s what this is called, but I’m actually not really sure. I’ve been hired by an innovative company called Runbuggy to produce their customer-facing knowledgebase. They’re kinda like an Uber for cars. They have an app/website that connects people who buy cars with the people who sell them and the transporters in-between. Pretty cool stuff, but not everybody gets it right away. I’m helping to change that by creating the self-serve support documentation this month.
  3. Coder This is something I thought I’d never really return to, but here I am. As part of my role as Marketing Director for Energy Utility Group (an energy broker startup in Austin), I ended up migrating their website then building out the infrastructure to support new opportunities for them to sell green power with commercial pricing into the residential market. I’m still deep in APIs, JSON files, Javascript, and way more server administration concerns and power utility politics than I want to be.
  4. Consultant/Blogger for Cox eLearning Consultants, providing marketing content & strategy to learning & edtech companies. I’m writing blog posts, providing marketing strategy, and advising an LMS companies.

What’s not getting done from last month and really can’t wait any longer is taxes & finances. Also other clients that I need to follow up with for their music lessons, coaching sessions, marketing copy, YouTube strategy, small-business networking infrastructure, and other other disparate and different projects.

It’s a lot. After getting up early and staying up late day after day after day without a break, it feels like a lot too. Hopefully sometime soon I’ll be able to pull back on the choke and power through on a few things until they’re fully done. Right now that feels like a long ways off…

How are YOU doing these days? I’d love to know. Hit me up or leave a comment below.