That and a buck'll buy you a cuppa coffee


Several months ago, I saw what was coming.

I mean, not the COVID-19 pandemic specifically, but something that would upset the economy and our society along with it. After all, the longest bull market in history has to come to an end sometime, and we’ve built a house of cards around it so…yeah. Stands to reason.

Anyway, I’d just like to point out that my foresight likely didn’t save me any pain. Nor did it create any opportunities. I’m still in the same damn boat with everyone else, only I started burning through my reserves about six-months early. Which meant I was at the end of my runway when the chaos started, and have to get real creative to make it through the other end. Just like everyone else!

I thought if I saw it coming and took drastic action in time that it would make a difference. I hoped that if I was out in front far enough I could line things up better in advance. I believed that my vision would permit me to see things that others didn’t, and that I’d get to get the best pick of the new opportunities that inevitably arise.

Nope. Seems I don’t get to pick.

Kinda like when you’re approaching a breakup, or losing a loved one who’s dying. You can see what’s coming, maybe you can dare to imagine what’s on the other side of the heartache. But you still have to go through the heartache part.

We don’t get to pick just the good parts. No matter how well we may see the whole picture.

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