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Hi, I’m Sam Rogers. Welcome!

I’m a musician, writer, teacher, and creative producer who is addicted to learning new things.

Looks like you’re someone who’s curious about stuff too, and I love that! It makes me like you already, and want to help you explore.

Here at this very simple website, you’ll find thought-provoking articles, well-informed opinions, and weird-ass perspectives. All are mine. I don’t pretend to know everything, and since I constantly upgrade my thoughts based on new information I might not feel the same way forever. But I can promise that I feel very passionate about whatever I’m posting about here, and I am hungry for any comments of your own that you care to share.

You can use the search box in the upper-right of the navigation to find specific things. Or you can use the navbar or categories to just browse around. Here are the Top 10 most popular posts that folks like you tend to enjoy:
  1. Now – what’s going on for me this month
  2. Quarantined, Better(ish), but with No Answers Yet – a recent post that went viral, so to speak
  3. What If? Podcast appearance – I was accidentally more revealing than intended in this podcast interview, but people really seem to like it
  4. Getcher Healthcare Elsewhere, part 2 – US healthcare is awful, so here’s my alternative
  5. Estonia, e-Residency, and what I believe will come – I think we need a new kind of intellectual domain, beyond countries and governments
  6. Privacy vs. Health in Genetic Testing – yes, you can have it both ways and here’s how
  7. Music Listening in the Modern Age – a musician’s perspective on ethical digital music listening
  8. Turning Google against itself with The Ironic Chromebook – how to configure a broken chromebook to defeat all Google Ads (and most other ad tracking)
  9. The Data Doesn’t Tell Us Where To Go – as data takes a more central role in our lives, it’s important to remember what it’s for
  10. Why I do Social Media Fasts – every so often I turn off the socials for a month, you probably should too

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