Podcast Launch: Doable Change

Welcome to Doable change!

What is Doable Change? It’s a podcast and online community for those who like the idea of making things better, but sometimes struggle actually doing it. From personal growth to organizational change to cultural/political shifts, this is where passionate people move from ideas to actions, starting today and finishing for good.

Change often requires learning, and yes there’s always more we can learn. But change really means DOING things differently. Just because we know what to do doesn’t mean we always do it, right? Often that’s because change can kick up fears & obstacles, it confronts our habits & patterns, and there’s usually some form of resistance to change from the world around us. This is where we make change doable.

In each episode we interview an expert in making change. Someone who’s been there and come out the other side. We aim for voices not often heard, the people who are usually so busy doing thing and helping the world be a better place, that they don’t often stop to tell other people about it.

I’ll ask questions like:

  • What was one of the hardest changes you ever tackled, personally?
  • Tell us the story of a change that you’re working on right now?
  • Do you have a method of working toward changes like this?
  • How do you know when your efforts are paying off? How do you measure your success?
  • How do you know when you’re off track, or when it’s time to give up?

But today we don’t have a guest. It’s just me, your host, Sam Rogers. Yes, I’ve spent my life trying to make things better. I’m always working on something to improve myself, and as a consultant I work with people and companies all over the world to get to true behavior change. Most of my time is spent in the field of Learning & Development, I make the rounds speaking at conferences, making training for companies like Google, and designing and refining systems that are simpler and more effective.

I’ve also been teaching groups and coaching folks one on one on productivity, decision making, and other skills. I put a bunch of what I’ve learned into an ebook called “Just Do The Thing: A Guide” which is available on Amazon.

But I want to live in a world where none of that is needed. I want to live in a place that just makes sense. Where we see problems, and move toward solutions, without all the junk in middle. I think it’s possible, but I don’t think we’ll get there all at once, or all from the same direction even.

That’s why I started Doable Change, but I’m really hoping that it won’t be just my thing for long. This is a community. There’s room for you here. Whatever you struggle with, whatever you have to offer, whatever you want more of, please share it! Your input shapes the future of Doable Change, so don’t hold back.

Anyone can tweet to us at DoableChange on Twitter. When you support us on Patreon, you get access to a private facebook group and other listener resources. And of course you can your send ideas to me anytime at SnapSynapse@gmail.com.

Some formatting notes:

  • This time’s short because it’s just me, but most conversations will be between 20-30min
  • I summarize the next actions every episode into “tiny takeaways” The juicy bits that make the most difference.
  • There’s a giveaway every episode. This time since it’s just me, I’ll make it my ebook. And it goes to the FIRST person to leave a review for this podcast on iTunes. Five star reviews are my favorite kind, but any review counts.
  • Lastly, in addition to the guest, I always thank someone different at the end of every episode. This time, that’s my Mom. Hi Mom! Thanks for raising me to value conscious change, and exposing me to a diversity of opinions and experiences that most kids never get to have. Thanks you for supporting me in working toward a better world, even when it’s looks big and scary.

I hope that you, dear listener will keep working toward a better world with me. And keep tuning in to Doable Change. If so, please remember to subscribe. That’ll help!