Salvation of the Boomers

Want right institutional wrongs? Offer the wrongdoers absolution.

Ask yourself: do I seek to punish for past sins or to build for a better future? If you’re serious about making a brighter day, get on with it — without casting more shadows. Forgiveness can be the greatest tool.

Separating emotions (hate, ignorance, fear, shame, greed, etc.) helped get us into this mess. If you want out to find a way out, first stop doing the things that make the problems worse. Only emotions that bring us closer will allow us to find a higher level of order that transcends the problems of our age.

Want to expose corruption? Ask one of The Corruptors who’s retiring to come clean before they go.

Want to stop GMO foods? Find some officials from the FDA who are dying of cancer and ask them if there’s anything in the back of their mind that makes them wonder about the link. They already know what they covered up, they are well versed in their fears. Offer them a way out, offer them redemption. Shaming them it a lost opportunity for change in the job/world they leave behind.

Those who have nothing left to lose have so much to gain. As do we, the next generations. Let’s do it, while there’s still time…