Virtual Mail: updated for 2015


Snail Mail is optional. Here is an updated list of options.

Ten years ago, I started using a virtual mail service for my snailmail. Back then it was something I had to explain to people constantly –it just blew their minds and broke their systems all too often. Luckily, it’s not such a big deal anymore. There are more providers today than ever before, and even though I do actually live somewhere for the first time in a long while, I would like to keep using such a service for my business.

Unfortunately, the provider I’ve been using for a decade has disappointed me enough times that I’m now shopping around. I no longer recommend Earth Class Mail unless you’re dealing with some serious business volume, and even then you can probably do better.

Here’s a quick summary of top providers by STATE, which is usually the first thing people want to know: “What will my new address be?” Prices fluctuate all the time, so you’ll have to visit each site to check on that (they vary widely).

And as frequent readers of this blog know, I love New Zealand! When I was there on a work visa last time, I considered moving my company there and using Private Box to facilitate that. I didn’t end up doing it yet, but may someday if I ever figure out a viable way to live there.

This week, I was looking for a service like those above with an address in either Utah or Wyoming. Nope, not yet. So I’m about to start paying $20/month to my local ImpactHub to receive mail for me instead. They probably won’t scan it for me, but as of right now I’m there often enough that it doesn’t matter. And who knows where I’ll live next year…?

Check out my other posts on this topic. If I missed anything or you have questions, please let me know!