It was a difficult decision, but my Sailboat Era has come to a close. At least for now.

Four years to the day after we were first brought together, Adreanna and I have parted ways. At one time she ventured across the Pacific to New Zealand and the Orient. A beautifully overbuilt, hand crafted vessel, she has some issues common to 30 year-old boats that I never did resolve. It was the old story of having the time and not the money, or the money and not the time. I wound up becoming the guy making sure no work got done on that marvelous boat in the San Francisco Bay.

Though I was unable to get her sailing again, I trust that her next captain will. He promised we could sail together sometime, for old time’s sake. I’m looking forward to that bittersweet day…

Sam Sailing

I’ve gone from living on the cloud 8 years ago, to the water 4 years ago, to a more terrestrial existence this year. Wonder where I’ll be in another 3-4 years? I’ll find out when I get there…