Grampa’s House

It is done. The best offer has been accepted, escrow is open, firm backup in place, the house is as good as sold. Boy, has it taken a lot to get here.

My Grandfather did a lot of things right in anticipation of his passing. He created a living trust, had all the paperwork solid, even spent time clearing things out so others wouldn’t have to deal with them and making investments in the house such as a new heating system or insulation.

But still there was one helluva lot of stuff that remained. Stuff he was maybe gonna use someday (tools, spare materials), stuff he did use but didn’t quite know what to do with (outdated technology), stuff that meant something to someone somewhere along the line but which now has simply been forgotten in the attic (furniture, trinkets). I salvaged/donated/recycled what I could, but far too much of it will now be permanently stored at the local landfill. With all the emotions swirling around this project, that was actually the hardest for me.

I partially grew up here. It’s been my legal address again for the last 8 years. It was a great home for my Grandfather, and central hub for our family since 1978. It’s now ready for the next family…