Inconsistency Sounds Delightful

This will be my last blog post for a bit. I’ve presented new original content every week for about 75 weeks, consistently, and inconsistently for ten years before that. Now I’m returning to inconsistent idea mode, here’s why:

  1. Goals met. In the last year or so, I’ve increased the speed, clarity, and effectiveness of my writing. I’ve consolidated my many websites to one place. I’ve referred people to content that has helped them out. These are good things, and while they can always get better, I feel they are complete enough for now.
  2. Goals not met. Whether I publish here or Medium or LinkedIn, whether I post to email or Twitter or Facebook or wherever else, the truth is that almost no one notices. Typically, only the people who know me personally tend to care, no matter what the subject matter. I have failed at building much of audience on any platform, probably because I’ve been pretty general and unfocused about it. In 2015, that don’t work so good.
  3. No external strategy. As above, I’ve never had a real strategy for this site. I don’t sell things here, nor do I want to. This blog just costs me a little time and a little money, and sometimes I forget why. Especially when no one is reading.
  4. Better stuff to do. These days I’m doing less and doing it better (trying to anyway!). The blog takes time, the blog breaks, the blog should be rebuilt for better navigation/mobile/seo/etc., the blog has as many half-written posts as published ones that all pressure me to finish them. Eh…I’d rather write a book, launch a product, make some music, or something else.
  5. Repurposed. Now that I have a /Now page, and social media share the random brain droppings, I don’t really need to keep an ongoing commitment here. This blog started as a FAQ, and I now return it to that purpose. When I have to answer the same question for people enough times, I will post here again. Until then…have a great life!

Of course if there is anything you want me to write about, feel free to ask me. Yes, I’d love to hear from you, and I probably will spontaneously honor your request.

Oh, and best wishes for a FANTASTIC 2016! May this be your best year yet! Check out last week’s post, and the one before, for some tips on making the most of it…