My Cloudy History

My life looks very different now than it used to. After a very turbulent year or so, the current instability doesn’t seem to be phasing me much. I’m doing pretty well now, thanks. Here’s some of what’s different:

  • Last Year: Left my corporate job of 6+ years as an eLearning Developer for GreenPoint Mortgage. Within three months, the whole company folded anyway. Began consulting as an Instructional Designer, part-time and almost fully remotely. This kind of independence works great for my increasingly mobile and musical lifestyle.
  • February: Separated from my partner of nearly 10-years, Mary Keydash. This was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Still suffering a bit on this one.
  • March: Turned 32, started writing loads of new music.
  • April-May: First Grand Solo Road trip, visiting folks all over from San Francisco to Portland to Colorado to LA and plenty of places in between. Along the way I rekindled connections with family and close friends that had gone untended for far too long.
  • June: Incorporated as Snap Synapse, a media content production company shell for my consulting and music work.
  • July-August: Taught at kids music camp, attended California-Brazil Camp, had a blast performing all over Burning Man.
  • September: Decided Couchsurfing lifestyle (AKA no fixed residence) was working out so well that I would continue through at least June of next year.
  • October: Graduated from my 3-year international rhythm training program, becoming a Certified TaKeTiNa Rhythm Teacher.
  • November: finished new CD with The Irrationals, revamping One Mouth Band / Organic Human Music web presence.

Through all of the above I’ve been traveling all over both coasts and performing a lot. I plan to continue, but take it international. I’m currently planning trips/performances in Australia/New Zealand (January-February 2009) and Europe (May-June 2009).

If you’d like to get in touch, now is a great time to do so. My phone is the same as it has been for about 8-years now, and you’re welcome to email anytime! I look forward to hearing from you!

It was 4 years ago today that I left my beautiful home and set out into The Cloud. It was a very sad time for me because it was all tangled up in the ending of a decade-long relationship, the only one I had ever known. I was 32.

The first thing I did was go crazy for a little while. I was just stupid about traveling and performing, lost in a ridiculous explosion of pent-up creative energy that scattered all over the place. I was purposefully irresponsible as an experiment, which then got out of hand. I didn’t know what I wanted, I didn’t know who I was anymore, I just knew I wasn’t ready to rent a place and start putting roots down yet, I needed to be a moving target for a while. I thought it would take 3-months or so, but I gave myself 6 to be safe.

After six months, I decided a year was reasonable. People take one-year sabbaticals after all. A year. Yes, a year sounds good…

One year (to the day!) after I had left the relationship of my life, I met another amazing woman in Sydney, Australia. We spent most of the next year and a half together. She needed to blow out of her life and travel for a while too, and for the first few months that was fine. We loved Living on The Cloud together, and had some truly fabulous adventures. After that she wanted more stability though, a home base at least. I was unable to provide it, still too gun-shy about what that meant to me after my divorce. There were certainly other issues, as there always are, but I believe this was the core of the disconnect that led to our eventual breakup. Fortunately, we are still friends and talk often.