Ode to What Don’t Work

I’ve been trying a bunch of stuff lately:

  1. Writing = I wrote a book! (Well kinda, it’s a very little book called “Just Do The Thing: A Guide“) I’ve also been writing posts on LinkedIn again.
  2. Publishing = I published my book on Amazon’s Kindle platform. I also bought a publishing company with a catalog of a dozen legacy titles that need some TLC.
  3. Podcasting = I launched a weekly interview podcast called Doable Change.
  4. Webinars = I did webinars for two of the top three global training associations.
  5. Email Marketing = I have three different drip campaigns running now.
  6. Email Newsletter = I’m writing a weekly newsletter again for the first time. The last time was over a decade ago, and for my music career (as opposed to my company).
  7. Partnerships = My company, Snap Synapse, is now signing agreements with other companies in the UK and South Africa.

Of these, only one has produced the intended-or-better results. Everything else, not so much. Like not even close. Which is not to say nothing else is working, just that most of what I’m doing is very clearly NOT working. Yay!

Here’s why I think this is great news: I’m now closer to what will work and am sparing the additional waste of time on what won’t. Failure is fine, but the faster the better 🙂