While I’m still really thirtysomething

thirtysomething.Today I turn 39. My last, real thirtysomething birthday.

So far my thirties have been dominated by themes of freedom and independence. I turned my life inside-out and upside-down several times searching for it. It worked. I’m not saying I’m totally done, but I do think I’m coming out of that phase now, and like usual I have no ideas what’s next.

I like to think that it’s now seriously time to kick ass and take names. I sometimes find myself getting vaguely impatient with anything less. Perhaps I’m on the long, slippery slope to becoming a grumpy old man or something, I dunno.

One thing is for sure, I’m staring down the barrels of 40. Here’s what I’m aiming to do before then:

  1. Learn to love swimming
  2. Gain motorcycle proficiency (from street to freeway to basic off-road)
  3. Travel to Bali
  4. Sell/release half my remaining possessions (again!)
  5. Get all my papers in order (living will, etc.)
  6. Create a medical baseline (all sorts of testing)
  7. Totally revamp my girlfriend’s business so we can do more fun stuff together
  8. Speak at a handful of targeted business conferences
  9. Pick up some basic tactical skills
  10. Fulfill or drop EVERY todo from every list, everywhere

The last one is a doozy. Today I walked down memory lane through an old box of kidstuff, and even at 9-years old I was making lists of stuff I wanted to do. Being a full-time Inventor for Black & Decker or making an awesome tree fort no longer really appeal to me, but other things still tug at me sometimes.


I’m hitting 40 as feeling as free as possible. Gonna rock this 30s thing out all the way. Look out!