Return of the Blog

Late last year (2017) I took down this website. I was on a website removal spree at the time, and when I compared how much time and effort I put into maintaining vs measurable responses from it…it didn’t measure up well.

But since then I have actually had several people bugging me for the content herein. And more than once I’ve gone to share it out and — oops! Right, I don’t have that anymore.

My I’ve still been writing posts every week at (my business), writing articles monthly for, and for a few months I was even posting new content daily to (an initiative that I coordinate). Plus there’s the socials, which have been mostly LinkedIn and Twitter lately.

Anyway, this blog is now back! The first thing I’ll be doing is proactively auditing it for any broken links or problematic images. Not sure what to do with it after that though. Got any ideas? Lemme know 🙂