Sam Rogers

Sam Rogers

Hey Sam, I hear you’re a(n):

  • award-winning solo vocalist
  • experienced CircleSong leader
  • Certified TaKeTiNa Rhythm Teacher
  • internationally-recognized beatboxer
  • sound healing practitioner
  • pioneer of vocal live looping
  • body musician

Sam: Why yes! Yes, I am (and more). Do have some bio, won’t you…?

Sam Rogers is an internationally-acclaimed performer, skilled educator & facilitator, experienced sound healer & bodyworker, and Certified TaKeTiNa Rhythm Teacher & CircleSong leader. With his solo a cappella act, he is known as The One Mouth Band. Sam makes all the sounds of a band — bass, guitar, synthesizers, horns, lip-defying drums/percussion, and more — using only his mouth, and with the precision of a seasoned musician. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, he happily astounds & inspires audiences from Sydney to Sao Paulo to Salzburg to Singapore.

As the One Mouth Band, Sam forged new ground in a cappella music by becoming the first solo a cappella act to compete against groups, winning two Ward Swingle Awards in the process for his Jazz and Pop performances at the 2003 Vokal Total International A Cappella Competition in Graz, Austria. This solo vocal act led to performing and teaching at festivals in the US & Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia. His first live solo a cappella CD One Mouth Band was nominated for Best Vocal Jazz Album by JPF Independent Music Awards, he was nominated for a CARA award as Best Solo Vocalist for his most recent solo a cappella album Could Love, a finalist in the 1st US Beatboxing Championships, and featured in the award-winning documentary film American Beatboxer.

Sam Rogers & Bobby McFerrin

Sam Rogers & Bobby McFerrin

Sam grew up in a musical family, spending time backstage in smokey blues clubs or recordings studios where his father, Roy Rogers (the slide guitar player, not the cowboy), played the blues with the legendary John Lee Hooker, also producing Grammy-winning albums like The Healer.  His mother exposed him to folk, world, and experimental music through her new age gift shop where Sam often worked as a child. All the while he eagerly devoured every scratchy old rock ‘n roll and doo-wop record he could get his hands on, and built puppets and toy characters with hopes of one day working on TV with The Muppets. Upon learning of Jim Henson’s untimely death and hearing the voice of Bobby McFerrin for the first time, the voice characters morphed into vocal instruments and a love for a cappella singing. Sam went on to found the successful teen a cappella group ‘Til Dawn, tour the US & Canada as the vocal percussionist for collegiate a cappella group Audio Radiance, pioneer the use of live looping technology in a cappella settings, perform with dozens a cappella groups (including the spin-off of Bobby McFerrin’s Voicestra, SoVoSo), and become a founding member of The Vowel Movement Beatbox Salon, Return of the Cypher, The International Body Music Festival, and dozens of other music/theater/performance communities. Sam’s performance and recording credits include work with artists as diverse as Joe Satriani, Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, and DJ Qbert. He is also a writer, director, producer, and composer for stage and screen.

Sam teaches “100% Organic Human Music” privately and in CircleSong workshops the world over. Sam learned voice & CircleSong with Bobby McFerrin and many members of Voicestra, studied music with vocal jazz arranger Phil Mattson, trained as a bodyworker at The Acupressure Institute, apprenticed as a healer with Phyllis Moline Laursen, studied ancient chant & sacred sounding with Pat Moffit Cook, and trained with Reinhard Flatischler for several years to become a Certified TaKeTiNa Rhythm Leader.

For booking (performances, workshops, lessons, coaching), contact Sam using the form below. For more information about private lessons or coaching (live or online anywhere in the world), please check out


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