Journey in Improv with NZ’s Covert Theatre

One of the many things I love about leading Journeys In Rhythm is exploring new and unexpected avenues for this work. Two weeks ago I led a workshop for New Zealand’s Number One Improvised Comedy Company, The Covert Theatre.

Together we discovered ways to use the basic tools of improv theater to expand into the musical realm, someplace where even the best improvisers often tend to get a little squeamish. I used TaKeTiNa, CircleSong, Body of Sound, & One Mouth Band techniques as well as my years of improv training, and soon participant analogies for rhythm, pitch, harmonies, blend, solos, & more soon emerged and everyone had a great time being playful AND vulnerable together.

Special thanks to my friend Greg Ward for convincing their Artistic Director, Wade Jackson, to give this workshop a shot. Since he is  trained to say “yes, and” so it probably wasn’t too hard. I got lots of fantastic feedback from the group, and here’s what Wade had to say…

Sam Rogers’s workshop was a valuable experience for all our improvisers; those highly experienced and complete newbies alike. Sam beautifully illustrated the  principles of improvisation through song and voice and without a doubt, this will enrich our improvised comedy performances.

Wade Jackson
Artistic Director of Covert Theatre and founder of The Improv Bandits

Thanks to Wade and everyone at Covert Theatre for being willing to risk and play!

This experience taught me how wonderful it can be to work with groups who already trust each other, and are there to learn and grow. I will undoubtedly be working with improv groups again soon…