What is TaKeTiNa?

TaKeTiNa is a dynamic and 
meditative group 
process for people 
who want to develop 
their awareness 
of rhythm or self. It is also used in various medical settings, mostly in German-speaking Europe.

voice, hands, & feet in TaKeTiNaYou don’t need 
to play an instrument, dance, or have a good voice to participate. In TaKeTiNa, people at all levels 
can work together 
to transform their 
relationship to rhythm, 
to each other, 
and to life. It typically consists of being gently led through a 60-90 minute rhythm journey involving vocalizing, stepping, and clapping. Depending on the specifics of the journey, sometimes the claps are omitted and rattles introduced, or simply singing/vocalizing along with movement. There are thousands of different kinds of rhythm journeys available in TaKeTiNa, and often they are based in polyrhythm, meaning more than one rhythm is happening at the same time (usually the hands and feet).

Founders Reinhard & Cornelia Flatishler leading TaKeTiNaIf it sounds too simple, just try it sometime. Master drummers can easily get thrown out and completely lost. If it sounds too complicated, just try it sometime. People who can’t even sing “Happy Birthday” can participate fully and have reported incredible transformative experiences and a profound sense of connection.

The reason both of these things can be true is that TaKeTiNa is not about linearly learning to do something right. Instead, it is a non-linear process in which we are guided into alternately finding and losing our orientation, both actively and passively being in rhythm. In such a space, we can explore the fluctuation between confusion and clarity, chaos and order, the known and the unknown. From the inside and in our own time, we begin to sense shifts in our very relationship to time and space.

TaKeTiNa draws upon rhythmic phenomena far older than humanity and common to all world cultures, though it has relatively recent and somewhat unlikely in origin itself. It was developed over the last 40-years by an Austrian composer and percussionist named Reinhard Flatischler. More information can be found at the official TaKeTiNa website

See what Wikipedia has to say about TaKeTiNa.

I’ve been studying TaKeTiNa for over a decade, and it has affected me deeply. After completing a three-year international training program with Reinhard & Cornelia Flatischler and becoming a Certified TaKeTiNa Teacher, I started leading my own TaKeTiNa workshops. All such activity will be posted here on JourneysInRhythm.com.