Lessons & Vocal Coaching


All lessons are $100/hr USD and are conducted on Skype/Zoom. This works out quite well, I have students all over the world. If you’d like to see me in person, please let me know. I might be near your town soon too!

See the Policies section below for general booking terms, then direct all remaining inquiries & appointments to me at onemouthband+lessons@gmail.com, or call 415-742-1785.

  • Prepay for 3 lessons at once for $285 ($15 off)
  • Lessons prepaid in blocks of 10 are $800 (20% off)
  • If you are a working musician or have other noble financial constraints that prevent us from working together, let me know and we can likely work out a more appropriate pricing structure.

What you can expect in your session:

  • someone to help you set your own goals, holding your feet to the fire about them as needed
  • safe & supportive creative environment
  • free range to experiment & play
  • the encouragement you need to work your ass off & get better
  • strong yet gentle presence & relentless attention
  • greater body awareness, power, & ease
  • to strengthen what you already know/feel
  • inspiring new tools & techniques
  • video recording of the lesson, available for download via private link within 24hrs
  • followup email with notes & reminders


There’s some stuff I gotta say so things run smoothly and nobody feels ripped off. The general idea is to be conscious of your impact upon the lives of those around you. So…

  • If you can’t make it to a scheduled lesson, let me know right away.
  • If you think you maybe won’t make it to a lesson or are running late, please give me a heads up as soon as you can.
  • If you are sick, getting over being sick, or just have a sore throat, please reschedule.
  • If you want to pay by bitcoin or shiny beads or whatever, you really gotta run it by me in advance or it’s just not cool. (I’ll probably say yes, and we’ll enjoy a fascinating conversation!)

Officially, this means:

  • 24hr cancellation policy for all appointments
  • lessons start and end at the scheduled time, regardless of student arrival
  • students who are sick will be refused and sent to rest
  • payment due in advance or at time of lesson

Whaddya think?

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