Now teaching rhythm via LessonFace

Thanks to miracles in modern technology, you no longer have to be in the same place as other people to learn about rhythm. It’s true that due to the inherent latency of the internet, you can’t have a simultaneous rhythmic experience, but you’d be surprised just how much you can learn about yourself and your relationship to rhythm with someone online. Don’t let geography get in the way, head on over to to check it out!


I recently worked with a student in Toronto, Ontario from the comfort of our own computers. He wanted a couple beatboxing pointers to better accompany his singer-songwriter guitar act. Where we quickly got to was a process of deepening the inherent rhythms of his guitar playing and using that to anchor the percussive sounds already in his mouth.

If you’re interested in other kinds of music lessons (piano, oboe, ukelele, whatever), now is a great time to check out as they are having a holiday promotion.