Lessons offered

Singing Lessons

You’ve been given a voice so you can use it. If that only really happens in the shower for you right now, it’s okay. Dry yourself off and come in for some support making it bigger and bringing it out more. Don’t worry, we won’t be doing scales that make you feel stupid or breath exercises that make you feel weird. We’ll very simply and comfortably play with the voice you have, and move it towards the voice you want. You just say how hard you want to work, and we’ll work the rest out from there.

Extended Vocal Technique

Explore singing beyond your voice! Together we will discover ways to play safely and musically with any of your existing vocal techniques/sounds, and begin to venture into the nether regions of vocality (inhaling pitches, multi-note singing, instrumental imitation, pneumatic independence, etc.) introducing another octave or three of textures into your vocal range.


Maybe you’ve got chops on your ax, but no budget for a drummer and backing tracks are just too cheesy or too much trouble. Or you have rhythm, and you’ve tried making some drum noises in a microphone before, but still don’t quite know how make it work with your music. Learn key sounds and accessible vocal percussion patterns that actually work for your music and body, as well as how to experiment and find more on your own.

Stage Performance

Up your skills as an entertainer by learning how to work a crowd, plan a set, find your pitch/rhythm, communicate with your bandmates, basic troubleshooting of the 5 most common onstage sound problems, microphone technique, and most importantly teaching all the butterflies in your stomach to fly in formation on cue. Learn how to stay comfortable in your own body when chaos arises, the mark of a true professional.

Live looping

Learn all of the live-looping functions of your favorite looping pedal*, as well as some special tips and tricks from someone who’s been performing with live loops over a decade. This information is especially valuable for vocalists and non-chordal instrumentalists who want to be able to perform solo.

*Note that this is not a software looping lesson, hardware loopers only, please.

Real World Improvisation

Set the musical exercises and drills aside and focus on amplifying the skills you already have and harnessing the fears you’ve been trying to ignore. Learn to use these artfully with others on the stage or in the audience. You’ll have the benefit of my years of experience improvising in both vocal and instrumental roles in any musical genre and configuration you can name. Get present, get real, and get improvising!


All lessons are $100/hr and are conducted on Skype/Zoom. This works well, I work with students all over the world. If you’d like to see me in person, please let me know. I might be near your town soon too!

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