The “Whole A Cappella Enchilada” Discount

The Holiday Season is upon us, and this year I thought I’d join in on the fun by offering my entire a cappella discography for hugely discounted price. It’s always been only $10 bucks to download my most recent album, but now for $15 USD you’ll get:

  1. Could Love (One Mouth Band studio album, nominated for CARA award)
  2. 100% Organic Human Music (One Mouth Band live album)
  3. One Mouth Band (first solo a cappella album, nominated for JPF award)
  4. One On One (EP from my a cappella duo with Nicolle Lane)
  5. Done Waiting (my album with The Irrationals)
  6. …for the Radio Audience (by Audio Radiance, a collegiate a cappella group I sang with)
  7. Get Motivated, Baby! (by Till Dawn, my teen a cappella group)

Yes, this is the whole a cappella enchilada! It’s true that my voice also appeared on dozens of other albums over the years, but these are all the a cappella ones. Each recording was the result of a lot of blood, sweat, & tears. Each was very dear to me. Each marks an important point in my artistic evolution.

Also please note that the teen a cappella group (‘Til Dawn) that I founded 20 years ago is still going strong, and is celebrating their 20th Anniversary at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on December 27th! Please buy a ticket and support the ongoing good of their Youth in Arts parent organization. This was the venue where we first debuted, and I’m planning to be there to do a guest spot and join in all the festivities. Little did I know how it would all circle back around…