This is what I’m doing now (as of January 23, 2017).

  • Podcasting Doable Change, a new twice-weekly podcast/livestream/community. Also 5TrainersInACar, an intermittent collaboration for the L&D community.
  • Speaking engagement prep for my upcoming webinars, conferences, and trainings for ATD, The eLearning Guild, Training Magazine, etc. Calendar available here.
  • Consulting for the world’s first and largest accounting & finance staffing firm, migrating them to a new Learning Management System (LMS) and learning/business processes. Also still consulting with businesses on their YouTube Channels, and other small projects here and there.
  • Coaching a handful of select clients on productivity, big life/career decisions, and beatboxing & live looping. I have an eBook to follow this up now, it was just released on Amazon. It’s called Just Do The Thing: A Guide
  • Music performances & teaching gigs still land on my One Mouth Band calendar every so often. Now preparing for this year’s Vocáli Vocal Camp now, also working on a new live album with The Elements which should be out soon.

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