Sam Rogers

Sam Rogers

Yes, the rumors are true:

  1. I am living in the middle of Utah. I no longer have the sailboat. No, I didn’t get religion, but a lot of people here sure would like me to.
  2. I did recently write a book (it’s a little book). You can get it on Amazon.
  3. I really do make all those noises with my face. You can check out my music here.

While I don’t really keep this website current (save for THIS PAGE and my calendar), I’m constantly experimenting and every so often I’ll dump a bunch of content here from other places.

This is what I’m doing now (as of June 24, 2017).

  • Speaking engagements at conferences, webinars, and trainings for ATD, The eLearning Guild, Training Magazine, etc. Calendar available here.
  • Consulting for the world’s first and largest accounting & finance staffing firm, migrating them to a new Learning Management System (LMS) and learning/business processes. Also still consulting with businesses on their YouTube Channels, and other small projects here and there. I’d like another Expert Witness gig, that was pretty cool. These days I’m doing more with my business than I ever have.
  • Podcasting & Livestreaming intermittently on 5TrainersInACar (a collaborative podcast) and TLDChat (a daily livestreaming show) both for the L&D community. I’m also guesting on a lot of podcasts these days. Want me on yours? Just ask me so I can say “yes”!
  • Coaching/Lessons for a handful of select clients on productivity, big life/career decisions, and beatboxing & live looping. I’m also developing some online courses in conjunction with Learning Rebels about Video eLearning which will be out late this Summer.
  • Music performances & teaching gigs still land on my One Mouth Band calendar every so often. I just did a fantastic house concert & workshop with the amazing Inga Swearingen in Sebastopol, California, and the next show with The Elements is being put together now for November in Berkeley. Oh, we just released our first album!

One of the things I’m working on on the side is defining standards for Training. That is, when is something Training and when isn’t it? And how “Training” is it? It’s ridiculously counter-productive that our industry has no way to answer such questions yet, so I’m taking a stab at fixing that.

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