Sam Rogers

Sam Rogers

Yes, the rumors are true:

  1. I am living in the middle of Utah. I no longer have the sailboat. No, I didn’t get religion, but a lot of people here sure would like me to.
  2. I did write a book (it’s a little book). You can get it on Amazon.
  3. I really do make all those noises with my face. You can check out my music here.

While I don’t really keep this website so current, I’m constantly experimenting and every so often I’ll dump a bunch of content here from other places.

This is what I’m doing now (as of August 29, 2018).

  • Speaking & Teaching at Learning & Development conferences & events
  • Consulting for the world’s first and largest accounting & finance staffing firm, migrating them to a new Learning Management System (LMS) and learning/business processes. Also still consulting with businesses on their YouTube Channels, and other small projects here and there. I’d like another Expert Witness gig, that was pretty cool.
  • Livestreaming & Podcasting at least every week on TLDChat (a daily livestreaming show) and guesting frequently for other such things for the L&D community. Want me to be a guest on something you’ve got going? Just ask me so I can say “yes”!
  • Coaching/Lessons for a handful of select clients on productivity, big life/career decisions, and beatboxing & live looping. I’m actually looking at expanding this part of what I do a bunch in the near future too.
  • Music performances & teaching gigs still land on my One Mouth Band calendar every so often. Basically, I’m no longer hitting the pavement looking for gigs, but I love making music/teaching/composing as much as I ever did.

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