Upcoming Appearances & Events

These days I alternate between being holed up in the middle of nowhere and out in the world doing a bunch of public stuff. Here’s the public stuff that’s confirmed:

In addition there’s writing and podcasts and videos and stuff like this:

  • Doable Change my newest project, a podcast and community that’s coming soon!
  • Just Do The Thing: A Guide is an eBook available on Kindle, my first.
  • 5 Trainers in a Car is a podcast that I love to support. I did the theme music and like to guest and guest-host on episodes often.
  • L&D Talk a daily video livestream I coproduced and cohosted for the better part of 2016. Recordings still up on YouTube.

And then I’m also a guest on other podcasts and programs from time to time. If you’re interested in having me on yours, the first step is to invite me (I’ll probably say yes, but may have a long lead time)