Upcoming Appearances & Events

These days I alternate between being holed up in the middle of nowhere and out in the world doing a bunch of public stuff. Here’s the public stuff that’s confirmed:

Other Recent appearances

  • 5 Trainers in a Car is a podcast that I love to support. I did the theme music and like to guest and guest-host on episodes often.
  • TLDChat is a daily L&D livestream that I host most Fridays and also guest on from time to time. I’m all over the archived recordings.
  • Doable Change a podcasting project that lasted for 11 great episodes in early 2017. Still available on iTunes and anywhere else fine podcasts can be heard.
  • L&D Talk a daily video livestream I coproduced and cohosted for the better part of 2016. Recordings still up on YouTube.
  • Training MagNetwork free webinar “YouTube for L&D”, January 18 2017
  • eLearning Guild Spotlight members-only event “Shoestrings, Bootstraps, & Videos”, January 25 2017
  • Training 2017 Conference “YouTube for L&D” and “eLearning Video Project Management” San Diego, Jan 30 – Feb 1 2017
  • Learning Solutions Conference “Smartphone Cinema for L&D” & “Project Management for Video eLearning” & “Podcasting and Livestreaming” Orlando, March 20-24 2017
  • ATD International Conference & Expo “Smartphone Cinema for L&D” Atlanta, May 20-24 2017
  • Learning DevCamp “Learning Technologies: from Now to Next” & “Smartphone Cinema for L&D”
  • FocusOn Learning Conference “Smartphone Cinema for L&D”, “Podcasting in L&D”, “We’ll Do It Live: Livestreaming for L&D”, and “Video from the Business Perspective: Mitigating Risk and Maximizing” San Diego, June 18-22 2017
  • ATD Central Ohio Chapter daylong Learning Technologies training alongside Debbie Richards, Columbus Ohio, April 18 2017
  • Training Magazine Network Masters Series, online, July 14 2017 – webinar From Now to Next in Learning Tech
  • Vocáli Vocal Camp with Joe Craven, Inga Swearingen, Margo Leduc, & BZ Smith, April 27-30 2017
  • The Elements “Listen” Album Release Party & Concert, Berkeley, May 6 2017
  • Sam Rogers The One Mouth Band (with Inga Swearingen) – House Concert & Music Workshop Sebastopol, July 22-23
  • Learning Now Radio a popular L&D podcast I was a guest on in late 2016
  • The Learning Circle podcast guest appearance
  • Just Do The Thing: A Guide isn’t exactly an event, it’s an eBook I wrote and released at the end of 2016. But it’s my first and it’s available on Kindle and you should read it 😉