What is Beatboxing?

Some call it vocal percussion, some call it human beatbox or just beatboxing, some call it vocal drumming or mouth drumming. When I do it, I call it One Mouth Band. Whatever the name, it is making music (and specifically beats) with one’s mouth. It is best known from hip-hop music, but in truth it […]

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What is TaKeTiNa?

TaKeTiNa is a dynamic and 
meditative group 
process for people 
who want to develop 
their awareness 
of rhythm or self. It is also used in various medical settings, mostly in German-speaking Europe. You don’t need 
to play an instrument, dance, or have a good voice to participate. In TaKeTiNa, people at all levels 
can work […]

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My Cloudy History

My life looks very different now than it used to. After a very turbulent year or so, the current instability doesn’t seem to be phasing me much. I’m doing pretty well now, thanks. Here’s some of what’s different: Last Year: Left my corporate job of 6+ years as an eLearning Developer for GreenPoint Mortgage. Within […]

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