Punched in the Face(book)


I used to be really active on Facebook. That was a while ago.

While I’d taken several social media fasts over the last few years and always come back less frequently to Facebook after every one, I was still going back every so often to get messages and keep connected with folks. It used to be pretty important to me as a touring musician. Then it became a pain, then an expense.

Like many people, I stopped actually liking Facebook years ago, though I still enjoyed the sense of connection it gave me. Connection to my former life and trails friends leading all over the globe.

At this point, though, I just can’t. And you really shouldn’t either. It’s not okay anymore, you and me and all our friends need to bail. It’s not healthy for any of us.

Facebook is an indefensibly evil company to the core. And I have friends that work there…and feel sorry for!

We’ve known it was bad for some time, and all hoped it could change. Now we know it’s bad by design and it won’t ever be different.

It’s like being with an abusive partner at this point. They’re not going to change, and eventually you’ve had enough and it’s time for YOU to change.

Do you really need to wake up, look at your phone, and get punched in the face by Facebook all over again every day? Ew. Cut it out already. Let me know if you need an intervention, okay?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about or just why Facebook is so horrible, look at this article and tell me that you’re good with it.

  • 80% of all data that can be collected about you is actively being collected by Facebook
  • 70% is also collected by Instagram (which is owned by Facebook)
  • WhatsApp and every other Facebook property pick up even more

They’re selling this data left, right, and center. Selling YOU out to marketers, to state agencies, to nefarious anybodies who will pay for it any way they can. It’s gobs of money they make off of making your life less safe, less free, less secure. Using that information to sway elections both at home and abroad for the last 5+ years. Yes really, in case you weren’t paying attention.

It’s not okay. Please delete it from your phone and delete it from your life. And if you don’t have the strength to exit this abusive relationship, go get help.

You can do better. We all can.

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