Sounds of Change with Michael Stocker

Doable Change podcast episode #8

Today we’ll be speaking with a musician and audio engineer turned founder/director non-profit that’s changing the way the world thinks about sound. From mixing films like “Koyaanisqatsi” to helping create ISO standards on underwater metrics to speaking at environmental and scientific conferences all over the world and helping shift military and government policy, Michael Stocker is all about making change doable.

Takeaway #1

Want to change the world? Be a translator. communicate in ways that appeal to who you’re talking to, instead of just what you happen to believe. For many audiences, avoid numbers whenever possible, and use metaphors instead. This will be easier to understand on an emotional and comparative basis. While for other audiences, avoiding qualitative terms altogether and instead giving clear and simple numbers will work better. Don’t know which is best? Listen first, then talk.

Takeaway #2

Don’t be the enemy. Antagonizing a powerful force is simply less effective than enticing it. Involve those you wish to change in a real conversation. Honor & respect them. Be nice, be vulnerable, be real. When you’re actively been an ally, you will likely be seen as such.

Takeaway #3

Consider crowdsourcing. Like Michael Stocker, while working toward global changes, remember that engaging global organizations is not your only option. Might you be able to rally others to participate in your vision in a way that helps the overall goal? Taking sonic snapshots of the sea is a big task, but equipping 20 sailboats to get it started? No permission from an authority is needed, not even much money. 20 sailboats isn’t many, but it’s enough to get moving, and to produce data that can be put to use right away. Could you do something similar?

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At the end of this podcast there’s some sounds of from under the arctic ice, courtesy of Michael Stocker and Ocean Consvervation Research.