Podcast: 5 Trainers in a Car

Picture this:

Your conference ends, and you jump into a rental car to head out to dinner with some newfound friends. Everyone reflects on the experience, talks about the industry, personal struggles and victories, and some fun drive-by distractions.

Someone jokes about the conversation being so good it should be recorded.

Then someone else says “okay!” and pulls a portable recorder out of his backpack and starts hosting a podcast.

…And that person is Matt Pierce!

So begins the informal, intermittent, and fun podcast called 5 Trainers in a Car. It’s an entirely community driven effort with wide ranging conversations from professionals in the Learning & Development field speaking playfully and candidly about what’s important to them. It’s available on iTunes and wherever else fine podcasts can be found!

Since getting started last year, another 8 episodes have been released from additional conferences and events. If you’d like to be involved in recording your own, please check out this link (it doesn’t take much!).

Snap Synapse has been involved in a few episodes listed below, as well as providing the sound design & theme music for episodes 3 and beyond.

Episode 3: Needs Analysis – What if this works?

Episode 4: Video in eLearning – Raise the bar

Episode 5: Needs Analysis – What if this works?

Episode 8: Making Connections & Getting More People Into The Car