My reentry to the world of Macs started with the 17″ MacBook Pro in 2006. I was very proud to own such an elegant machine, and elated to have a laptop running WinXP, MacOS, and Ubuntu Linux on it. No more compromises! When that machine was stolen in 2009, I quickly scrambled together just enough cash to get a one-year-old 15″ MacBook Pro. Recently, I swooped in on a great deal on last year’s model of 13″ MacBook Pro. Aside from the mistake of upgrading to Lion too soon (don’t do it yet, trust me!), I really like it.

My 2008 iPhone 3G served me pretty well for two years, but then I got the first version of iPad, and it seemed superfluous. Well, I bought the wifi-only iPad first, but then I sold that and went to the 3G model (and a wireless keyboard) which more than trumped my iPhone. That’s when I downgraded back to my Motorola RAZR V3 dumbphone, which has worked out beautifully.

Noticing a trend here? The big stuff gets smaller, and the small stuff gets bigger. Or is that two trends? Anyway…

I miraculously recovered my 17″ MacBook Pro from the Santa Clara Police Department 2-years to the day after it was stolen. This was right about the time I was buying the 13″ MacBook Pro. In the process of reinstalling everything fresh and shuffling the drives around for the purposes of resale, I thought I’d take some pictures of this Mac family reunion.

Each of these devices has played a crucial role in my Living on The Cloud. Just looking at them together like this and I get all nostalgic.

  • There was the time my friend Zorina’s 80-year old mother flipped my 17″ MBP down like the lid of a toilet seat and sat on it for 20-minutes before I noticed (it was fine, fortunately).
  • Or dialing into my 15″ MBP that I left online at my friend’s house near San Francisco from all the way in Sao Paulo to boot it up in Windows-mode and make Captivate simulations (that didn’t work so well).
  • Or using my iPad to dangerously navigate around while driving on the left side of the road in Tasmania and New Zealand (won’t do that again!).

Then I look at my new 13″ MBP and wonder what adventures we will have together. Thanks to it’s smaller form factor and greater firepower, I think it is even better suited to Living on The Cloud along with me.