Why I’m saying no to ALL training

It’s ironic that I work in the Learning & Development (AKA Corporate Training) industry, and won’t be doing training anytime soon. It’s actually my addiction to learning stuff that led me to work there. After all, I do love learning!

But learning eats up a lot of time, and, it turns out a fair amount of my own business revenue too. Educational endeavors this year included a Social Media Certification program, Mastermind program, writing program, and dozens (hundreds?) of paid courses and free webinars on everything from programming to graphic design to podcasting to sponsorships. My hunger for knowledge is kind of all over the place.

Recently, in the process for applying for Master’s Degree programs starting in the Fall of 2017 (fingers crossed for this one!), I realized that once classes begin I really won’t have time for any other training.

So I’m cutting myself off, and I’m doing it now.

I will never know enough
…but I do know a lot. 

As I’ve been doing all this learning, I’ve not been putting that much out there for others to learn. Yes, I have a few online music students, I coproduced/cohosted a daily L&D livestream show for a while, and I’ve been delivering sessions at conferences all over the country, but nothing really at scale like I’m capable of. Nothing at the scale I’ve delivered for my clients for years. I was really only speaking or livestreaming to learn about the process and to learn from the other participants, anyway.

Now it’s time to put all I’ve learned to good use. For at least the next 6-months, I’m prioritizing sharing over my own continued learning. As such, I’m launching the following in the next 6-months:

  • Just Do The Thing: A Guide, an eBook to be released on Christmas Day.
  • Doable Change, a twice-weekly podcast & livestream starting in January.
  • YouTube for L&D, a free webinar through the Training MagNetwork on January 18th.
  • Full-day, live training workshops on video eLearning at the Training 2017, Learning Solutions, and ATD International conferences (big 3 L&D organizations), and via several smaller communities such as Learning DevCamp and the TLDC.
  • Video Learning Mastermind, a twice-monthly facilitated online meeting for a small group of L&D professionals looking to accelerate their video creation process & improve their on-the-job skills.
  • Online courses, titles yet-to-be-determined. I’ll let the audiences that are drawn to me determine the subjects, content, and platform(s).
  • Blog posts & magazine articles, also yet-to-be-determined. I’ve been approached by a few, we’ll see what sticks.

I’m sure I’ll get my learning fix along the way as I’m of doing all this.

But training? Yeah, that’ll have to wait a while. I got stuff to make! Any requests…?