I’m kind of a Productivity Junkie. I’m always looking for the best way to reach a goal or create an outcome, sometimes so much so that I get distracted along the way by retooling my process for reaching said goal or creating said outcome. I’m always tweaking success.

But on the upside, I know a TON about productivity. Name a methodology and I’ve probably implemented it, maybe even consulted with senior leadership of a large corporation about implementing it.

I’m a firm believer in:

  1. making sure something is worth doing before you get efficient at doing it
  2. capturing every stray thought that resembles “I should…“, “they should…” and “there outta be a way to…
  3. syncing up cause & effect so systems/people can organically self-correct
  4. being ruthlessly context-sensitive
  5. automating as much as possible if you have to repeat it more than three times (that’s what gave rise to this very blog, actually!)

Enjoy my posts about productivity, just don’t spend too long here at once 😉

Whaddya think?

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