It’s here! It’s here! And it’s FREE! And it’s here!

Big news! Just Do The Thing: A Guide is now available on Amazon!

Not only that, but it’s FREE!

Yes, really. It won’t be free for long though, only for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day in US Pacific Time (GMT-8). Then it goes back to its regularly scheduled price of a whopping USD $2.99 (unless you have Kindle Unlimited, in which case yes it’s still free).

Why free?

  • Because Happy Holidays!
  • Because I’d like to see this spread far and wide!
  • Because I’m proud of it and want to show off.
  • Because I really do want to see YOU get some Things done, and I think this will help.
  • Just ’cause 😉

Hope you like it! If you do, please go leave a review too. That’d be super awesome.