Stever is my hero

I was a huge fan of Stever Robbins through his Get-It-Done Guy podcast long before I got to meet him. Over the past few years, we’ve inspired each other to great thoughts and greater actions a few times. I was very happy when he agreed to write the Foreword to Just Do The Thing: A Guide, and happier still when I read what he wrote!

Here it is in all its glory…

Sam Rogers is clarity come to life. We first met while I was doing the thing, writing the final draft of my own book. Do-it Days are intense, group-accountability exercises designed to make us all hyper-productive. I’d scheduled six solid weeks of Do-It Days for creating my final draft. Sam was there the whole time, working on his own projects. Over the weeks, he gave us a glimpse into his most fascinating life.

Sam gets it done. And by it, I mean, everything. And he’s cheerful, optimistic, and joyful while doing it. He spent years traveling the world as a musician. And he consults, designing online training for the likes of Google. And he has a relationship, and he goofs off, and he writes books.

Within the eBook you’re reading is the distillation decades’ worth of the best advice on productivity, achievement, and self-mastery down to its essence. And he keeps it simple, fun, and extremely engaging.

While he presents his topics, mindsets, and tools in a light-hearted, friendly way, don’t be fooled. As with the man himself, beneath the approachability is great wisdom. Whatever the Thing is that you want to have happen in your life, you’ll find it here. Ponder it. Imagine it. Savor it. Then when you’re ready, turn the page, and join Sam in Doing The Thing.

Stever Robbins

Stever Robbins
host of The Get-it-Done Guy’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Work Less and Do More
Cambridge, Massachusetts
December 14, 2016