Seven years ago, my little freelance consulting business got an epic upgrade by becoming a fully fledged corporation with all the rights and privileges thereof: Snap Synapse, a C-corp registered in the State of Nevada (the only place I could form a corporation of one). Ever since, I’ve considered 4/30 my Business Birthday.

There have been a few minor changes in the business itself since then, a number of mistakes, and a whole lot of lessons learned. So today, Snap Synapse is finally getting thoroughly revamped based on what the business and I know and need now.

TPower On - texturehis includes:

  • full website reboot
  • social media update
  • reorganization as an LLC in Utah
  • lawyer on retainer to review all agreements/contracts
  • and coming soon: the business plan I never had in the first place

The Website

the website that was...

the website that was…

You’ve probably heard the proverb about the Cobbler’s children having now shoes. Well, it’s often the same with Web Designers. I built some awesome websites for other people. My own company’s website? Utter crap that I threw together one afternoon many years ago and didn’t touch again. It still had an announcement about my becoming one of the first round of iOS developers.

the new and improved website version (it stays crispy even in milk!)

Finally, my own WordPress skills and handcoding PHP, HTML, CSS, & JavaScript are leveraged to build something that adapts to every browser on every platform/device. It’s no a sample of all I can do, by any means. Publicly, it really only does one thing, gets you to call. That’s all it needs to do. Simple.

This new website also serves as a portal for those who do reach out see samples of my work. Still, nothing fancy. Effectiveness rarely is.

Social Media Update

My old logo has intentionally disappeared, and I don’t know that I really need one going forward. This may sound naive, but keep in mind I’ve actually designed logos and consulted on branding for businesses both big and small. Logos are for business that want to be seen, and mine probably shouldn’t be. I have a theme going with the purple lightning bolt imagery which has tested well over the years. And though I like this theme, I often tell people to NEVER use anything but a face for a social media profile icon, even (and especially) if it’s for a business. I couldn’t go on violating my own immutable law and longer, so my ugly mug / pretty face now appears on Snap Synapse’s Twitter account.

Reorganization as an LLC in Utah

California is not a fun place to do business. I was born and raised there, but man, they just a pain in the ass to deal with. After years of trying to do right and being punished for it, I finally just gave up. I’m not doing business there anymore unless I have to, and I’ve taken efforts to ensure that.

As you may know, I didn’t really have residence for years. Right about the time Snap Synapse became a real business, I was blasting out of everything and becoming as location independent as possible. I changed my legal address to my Grandfather’s house in the town I was born, but I never really lived there. When my Grandfather passed away in November, I decided to cut my ties with California altogether. I now live with my girlfriend in Salt Lake City, Utah. And for once, I actually mean that. I actually do live in Salt Lake City. Weird, I know. Blame love.

Living in Utah as I do, working with the clients that I do, it turns out having a corporation is more trouble than it’s worth. So Snap Synapse closed, and Snap Synapse LLC was born! This time with feeling.

Lawyer on retainer

After signing too many contracts without legal representation in advance Barry Scholl, my new/first paid lawyer, has already proven himself nearly indispensable. I’ve tried to skid by on favors from lawyer friends in the past, or researched as much as I could and then made my best guess. I do not recommend that you do either…ever! I certainly won’t be taking either action ever again.

Barry has already reorganized the business, recrafted one partnership agreement, kept me out of another, tweaked two major proposals, and generally provided me the advice that I needed for the last 7 years but didn’t get.

Lawyers are expensive, yes. And the good ones are well worth it.

COMING SOON: the business plan I never had in the first place

calm-rebootRunning a business was never really my goal. I just wanted to be enabled to travel around the world in all sorts of crazy ways, and having a business helped me do that.

Now, staring down the barrels of 40, things look a bit different. I’ve been offered a few very lucrative employee positions lately. I genuinely considered them against the value of my own business. Ultimately, I decided now is not the time to fold. It’s the time to double-down. 

Quite by accident, I’ve built a business that is very in demand these days. Being highly-skilled with experience in a diverse array of industries (tech, finance,consulting, healthcare, insurance) and at nexus between learning & technology & video is a great place to be in 2015. I’ll take it. I’ve been an advisor to several startups, now I’ll be an advisor to mine for a change. It feels like the right thing to do.

The plan is pending. In the meantime I’m still consulting, and also having some big conversations about some big things. It’s actually kind of exciting! Fancy that, I have an exciting business. Who would have thought?

If you have training or communications needs that are not being met, or are simply wondering how to keep pace with the ever-increasing rate of change, contact Snap Synapse LLC. I hear they can help…