It’s time to dump Yahoo

Yahoo let the NSA read your email before you even opened it.

Yahoo let the NSA read your email before you even opened it.

Yahoo is a sinking ship. It has been for some time, and that’s not news, right?

What is news is all the NSA stuff that just came out. Here’s an article & video from Reuters that explains the situation.

Basically, this new news is the reason that Yahoo’s Chief Information Security Officer, Alex Stamos, resigned so suddenly last year. Turns out that was right when he found out about a certain program — requested by the NSA. He left telling coworkers that he had been excluded from the decision to implement it, and also cited flaws that seriously endangered the security of user data. Regardless of how much you may or may not trust the government of the USA, this NSA program leaves Yahoo wide open to other hackers from everywhere else.

This from the website

This is not the first security problem Yahoo has struggled with. Just last month it was revealed that over 500 million (and possibly many many millions more) Yahoo user accounts were compromised by “state sponsored actors.” This hack was almost certainly a result of Yahoo consistently refusing to invest in the necessary and standard security practices adopted by their competitors after a massive hack six years ago, to which Yahoo also fell victim.

And their security is not going to get any better. Yahoo was recently sold to Verizon for 4.8 billion dollars. Telecom companies including Verizon have been colluding with the NSA for years to gather information on billions of people worldwide, as Edward Snowden’s 2013 revelations have shown. Beyond handing your data to a prying NSA, Verizon also notoriouslycreated an innovative way to track your online habits on both your phone and on your non-Verizon devices like personal laptops. They then sell your information to marketers. The Verizon-Yahoo merger is going to compound the security issues these two companies have created, resulting in a service where your communication becomes nothing more than a piece of data to be rifled through by the government and sold to the highest bidder.

So…yeah. Time to close my account. Suggest you do the same.

You can download all your existing Yahoo Mail, Contacts, Calendar, etc. here:

And don’t forget your Flickr account is part of Yahoo too. Download all your pictures and info before deleting your Yahoo account. You wanted to have local backups anyway.