Why Net Neutrality Matters

People these days tend to think of the internet as an ON/OFF kinda thing. Those of us who remember what a dialup modem sounds like know differently. The internet can still be there, but extremely slow. Right now the US companies you pay for internet access want to keep their content broadband fast, but handicap other competitive content by…making…it…DIALUP…S-L-O-W…

Yes, this is good for the internet providers. But it is very bad for EVERYONE who is not them. Except maybe politicians who like to get perks for looking the other way, or act as corporate representatives instead of public representatives. They suck even harder.

Rather than being all anti-, the people who want the internet to continue work like it does now say that they’re for “net neutrality”.  We want the internet to be neutral about how it routes/prioritizes content. Neutral is not a very sexy word, but that’s what we’ve got. The reason you don’t hear so much about this in the news is that the people that own the news are the same people that own the internet in most cases, and they’d rather you didn’t pay attention to their dastardly doings.

Which brings me to the point. All this is coming to a head (again), and it is time for you, fair internet user, to pipe up about this while you can. There is less than one week before the most important FCC vote of our lifetime. If you live in the USA, you have some serious skin in the game, my friend. The least you can do is click to sign a little petition or send a message to your representative, right? You can also get involved in getting the word out to the other otherwise uninformed folks who will scream bloody murder about Netflix & Hulu being turned down to a trickle once it’s too late.

The time to poke your head up and act is NOW, people! BattleForTheNet.com is the best place to take immediate and small but effective action. If you want to learn more, they have plenty more info too.

And if you want to laugh as you learn more about this internet-defining topic, John Oliver puts the issue in funny and understandable terms here:

Then there’s this less comedic but very sensible explanation:

Do you really need any other convincing? Do something before it’s too late, pretty please with a blog on top!