Advice on Video Production for the Small Screen

As a followup to last week’s recommendations about YouTube & SEO, here’s another fantastic resource for bootstrapping your video production. The folks at Wistia & Hubspot have created the perfect guide that pulls together everything you need to know to get started — and have fun doing it!

Here’s an example:

They also cover other important things like:

  1. Turning your office into a DIY Video Studio
  2. Live Action & Screencasting
  3. Creating your Lighting Kit & Choosing a Microphone
  4. How to Create and Implement a Video Social Media Strategy (Twitter/Vine, Facebook/Instagram, YouTube/Google+, LinkedIn, Periscope/Meerkat)
  5. Measuring Your Success & Automating it

This FREE guide is an interactive (not a downloadable) one. It’s just better that way, trust me. Here’s where you go to get it: You do have to fill out a form with your email address to get it, such is the price of free…

Just like last week, I have no affiliation with these companies — other than being a happy customer. I get nothing back from this, I share it because people ask me about this kinda stuff all the time, and I really believe this is the best free content out there. Hope you like it!