I'm SpeakingYou know how every once in a while you hit one of those little milestones that is actually big or emotionally impactful? One of those markers that makes you stop and say “Wow, I guess I made it here! How ’bout that now?” Well, I have one of those coming up in a week because I’m doing a presentation for The eLearning Guild Online Forum.

elg-thatsme“e-Learning Guild? Never heard of it…”
Unless you’re really into eLearning, you likely wouldn’t have heard of this 70,000 member-strong international organization focused on educational technology. I’ve been a member a dozen years now, and have attended conferences, been impressed by their reports, landed contracts from their job board, etc. Here’s my big chance to give back.

Although I’ve performed solo a cappella for audiences of thousands and created trainings that have gone out to hundreds of thousands of people, getting to present this humble session for the hallowed Guild for the first time…really has me jazzed up!

Lee-promoPlus, I’m co-presenting with my buddy Lee Rodrigues, which is another reason to be excited. A lot of these kinds of corporate-y, academic-y presentations can get, um, boring. Put Lee & I together in any situation and things will not be boring for very long. He’s a standup comic with a Master’s degree in Instructional Design who teaches iRest Yoga Nidra to veterans and builds electric mountain bikes in his spare time. We met building YouTube Certified Online and have been tight ever since.

Here’s the write-up for our session YouTube U: Integrating your LMS and Learning Strategy. You don’t get to watch it unless you’re a member, or pay $300 to watch me & Lee talk, or sign up for the whole 2-day forum on Tracking and Managing Learning with LMSs, LRSs, and the xAPI. If you know what all that means, you should totally sign up! If not…nah.

eLearning Guild Video learning is here; now what do we do with it? With bitrates, streaming, hosting, tracking, sharing/securing, content changes, software updates, and learning management system (LMS) weaknesses, distributing online video to learners can be a technical and administrative challenge. But you probably knew that. What you might not know is that YouTube can eliminate many pain points for the information-technology and marketing departments while robustly delivering your training to existing audiences … and those you haven’t yet been able to reach. The YouTube platform offers simplified uploading of video content, built-in interactivity options and social engagement, a mobile-friendly and ubiquitous user interface, surprising methods of selectively protecting/sharing/integrating video, analytics your LMS can only dream of, unlimited storage capacity, and the best adaptive streaming on the planet. Not bad for a free product, right?

In this session, you will explore how to evaluate your video training, your YouTube channel, and your LMS in ways that reinvigorate your learning designs and engage organizational opportunity. You will receive several handouts that will guide you in your next steps and supplement the necessary conversations with others in your company. You will leave this session with a better understanding of how you can use the YouTube platform to complement your organization’s LMS.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to evaluate training content for longevity, audience, and placement on the YouTube platform
  • How to audit a YouTube channel & settings to maximize appropriate sharing/security
  • How to describe YouTube integration options for your learning management system (LMS)

Intermediate designers, developers, VPs, and CLOs. Those generally familiar with the production of online learning, delivery of video assets, and use of LMSs will gain the most from this session. Experience uploading to YouTube is a plus.