Video eLearning Accelerator

Video eLearning AcceleratorAsk someone how they got good at something — anything — and they’ll tell you: practice. Yet Learning & Development Professionals know that some kinds of practice are better than others, and that having a strong support community and excellent facilitation can make all the difference in both speed and depth of knowledge acquisition. This is exactly what is happening now in the field of Video eLearning, a hybrid modality which differs from both standard video production and traditional training.

A small band of highly-capable Instructional Designers & Developers who are committed to making great content are joining forces in The Video eLearning Accelerator, a year-long mastermind program. Over the course of that year, we will amp up our skills in designing, delivering, and demonstrating the effectiveness of Video eLearning. United by a strong vision, we iterate up from where ever we’re at, support each other, and leverage everyone’s learnings for our individual and collective successes.

You might be a good fit, if…

  • You already know and love good learning objectives & assessments
  • You’re passionate about consuming AND creating great Video eLearning (video production experience not needed)
  • You know the value of connecting with others who share your passion
  • You seek a way to get ahead of the pack in your industry

This is not a good idea for you if…

  • You’re interested in academic theory but not actually making awesome stuff
  • You’re scared of technology or learning new things or experimentation
  • Measurably great video learning would be unwelcome in your organization
  • You’re between jobs or plan on changing career focus in the next year

So what is this thing again?
Mastermind groups typically contain about ten people, led by a facilitator. This group is like that, formed for the express purpose of creating undeniably successful Video eLearning within the organizations in which its members work.

The program is designed and led by me: Sam Rogers, President of Snap Synapse LLC. With world-class experience in every element of Video Production (writing/directing/producing/performing/editing/designing for clients such as YouTube), 15 years experience in eLearning (Learning Strategy Architect, Senior Instructional Designer, eLearning Developer, LMS Implementations Consultant) across a broad array of industries, and strong facilitation skills (leading classroom trainings & experiential workshops globally for over 20 years), you can trust the group will be in good hands. I’ve been sharing what I know by presenting at conferences and events for ATD, Training Magazine, The eLearning Guild, etc. but want to do a deeper dive with a select group while incorporating all the best practices I’ve got. It should be fun!

How does it work?
Monthly membership. Your Video eLearning Accelerator mastermind membership includes:

  1. Bi-weekly, professionally-facilitated, virtual meetings (and recordings)
  2. Q&A events with special guests making great Video eLearning
  3. Access to the full Video Within Reach asset library
  4. Access to the private community support portal

If you’ve made it this far, please use the form below to shoot me a message and let me know. I’d love to hear your thoughts, and will be happy to follow up with you individually.

And hey, thanks for being awesome…