When to hit Send

Clock of ConfusionFAQ: When should I publish to social media / send my email campaign?

Short answer: Now
Longer answer: N.O.W. (Never On Weekends)

Better answer: When people are likely to be looking at their inbox/feed
Best answer: When you have something worth publishing

Smart answer: Tuesday morning at 9am for your target audience’s local time
Smartest answer: Test it and find out!

The final answer is that there really is no best or smartest time. If there were, everyone would send/post then, and the answer would promptly stop working. While internet marketers and social media mavens chase their tails on this one, I suggest you simply try some stuff and see what works. Specific data on your people’s habits trumps general internet user data any day, and making great content is the most important part.

Remember that recommendations you see around the web are meant for bigger players. These don’t necessarily apply to you, and usually do not. So you probably don’t need to care. If you are a serious player then you already have at least one staff-member working on this, and if they’re not creating the results you want, just give me a call. I can very likely improve what they’re already doing.

For social media these days, money matter more than time. Pay for your message and it will usually be seen by more people than if it was perfectly timed and shared virally. Sad but usually true of the free platforms (facebook, twitter, etc.).

The main thing in all cases is to say things that are worth saying, and interact with people the rest of the time. When you consistently respond to every single question that’s posted/sent, say “Yes, and” to most of your comments, and provide value back to those who are contributing to the conversations you start, THEN you are building something far more reliable than any amount of marketing magic and viral voodoo. Always listen louder than you speak and you’re far more likely to make stuff that people actually want.

Does that sound like more work then a secret formula? Yeah, it is. But until you’ve got the work part down, every formula will fail. That’s why I recommend to most small businesses that they don’t bother with social media any more than their paying customers demand. Small business folks generally have too much to do already, and there are almost always far more effective places to invest their precious time/money.

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