YouTube SEO in 6min & other recommendations

I’m the guy that designed/wrote/directed/produced most of the YouTube Certified Online training for YouTube. So I’m qualified to say that the following video released just today by James Wedmore has most everything you need to know to get started with video marketing.

James Wedmore and I don’t know each other, I get no kickback from sending people his way (which I do all the time). What’s great about his approach is the emphasis on simplicity and staying focused on your existing business as opposed to taking on a new career as a video professional. There are plenty of other people doing similar work that I could recommend, but…there is so much schlock out there that this guy is the only person I will recommend to those looking to get in the video marketing game to increase business revenue.

If you’re into the more creative or production oriented side of video on YouTube, check out I am affiliated with them, and they are awesome too. For folks who already have mastered all this stuff, I’d say your next step is — or talk to me.