This Heating Tech Breaks the Laws of Physics

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One of the things I do actually love about these days is the high-quality productions coming out of the homegrown, independent, part-time, content creators as seen on YouTube. Every so often I share something from the folks I follow and learn from all the time.

One of those people is Ricky, aka Two Bit da Vinci, and here’s one great example of him explaining something that I’ve known about since I was a teenager, but never really quite understood:

How heating & cooling actually works in our homes!

…okay, well maybe it’s just me but I love a good explanation and I think this one is pretty awesome.

Here’s the video description:
What if I told you there was a type of heater, that breaks the laws of physics? Ok, so that’s not exactly true, but heat pumps are nothing short of magical. See how it can be both 500% efficient, and not break the laws of physics!

Pretty cool, right?
(get it, cool? because it’s about… ah nevermind)

If you have a favorite YouTuber that I should know about, I’m always open to learning more :)

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