25 Unfinished Posts


This morning I sifted through the list of draft posts for this blog — ideas I’d started but not yet finished — and wondered if any of them are worth finishing anymore. At this moment, I don’t think I can tell. So I’m going to ask you, instead :)

Here’s the top 25. What interests you?
  1. Top 10 Suggested Quarantine Learning Projects = sequel to this post
  2. How to strengthen immunity against viruses = research I’d done while under quarantine that I hesitate to share because my science posts tend to rile people up and get me attacked
  3. Politics Solved = How I very quickly and easily decide who do vote for, and why they tend to lose
  4. Milking the Clouds = a single point of reference for all the privacy settings of all the major cloud services providers
  5. Daily Calibrations = my most valued semi-daily calibration exercises that I’ve practiced for over 20 years
  6. Sometimes there is no right way = why no one can write a song or make a video or fix any idea to a medium and call it legally defensible these days
  7. Learning to do Simple = updated cross-posting of this article from LinkedIn
  8. Why Measure Workplace Training? = updated cross-posting of this article from eLearning Industry
  9. Top 10 Tricks for Delivering Video While Being Mostly Clueless = updated cross-posting of this article from Medium
  10. My Dumbphone = why a techie like me ditched smartphones a decade ago and hasn’t looked back
  11. My Tech List = all the main computer programs I use, now that I’ve taken back control of my personal data and work across Mac/PC/Linux systems
  12. The YouTube Do Over = an ex-YouTuber’s best alternative to YouTube, part of my ongoing Do Over series
  13. What Workplace Training IsĀ For = this long post already verges on becoming a book, it’s my core Instructional Design methodology
  14. Learning at scale = I started to break out the above post into sections, this is one
  15. Question standard write up = I have a very simple way I write and track assessment questions in plaintext, this is that
  16. The Bookkeeping Do Over = the last an most difficult part of wrangling my data back from cloud providers, part of my ongoing Do Over series
  17. The Calendar Do Over = how I took my calendar data back from cloud providers, part of my ongoing Do Over series
  18. YouTube Expert Witness = as much as I can legally tell you about my experiences as an expert witness
  19. How to do an L&D conference = I wrote this up for release right before my next speaking gig, now I don’t know if there’ll ever be one again…
  20. Keynote = my thoughts on how to deliver a good keynote and why they’re over-rated anyway
  21. Jory = this is are hard one for me, it’s about the life and death of my best friend who I still miss all the time
  22. Facebias = musings on why we humans only seem to care about life forms with faces we can identify
  23. Clear Mind = the story of the little-known publishing company I own & run
  24. One Mouth Band = the story of how & why I became an international award-winning solo a cappella / beatbox act, and what’s next
  25. Bios = easy copy-paste biographies for my about page…that are really challenging to write!

Any of that look interesting to you? If so, or if you have other requests/suggestions for future posts, please comment below to tell me!

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