5.5hrs of habitually kicking ass per week


For 6-months now, I’ve made sure I have each of the following blocked out on my calendar every week. My life/work is better for it!
  1. User Interview (30min)
  2. Video production (1hr)
  3. Data Improvements (1hr)
  4. GoGoDone Productivity Hour (2 × 1hr)
  5. Weekly Review (1hr)

Why these work so great together:

One user interview per week helps me keep informed about what really matters to people who aren’t in Learning & Development, and how they speak about their own needs. It also really helps them to feel heard, me to test stuff, and it’s a strategic opportunity to reach out to others in different roles throughout my global organization so I can help connect those dots for others.

Recording and editing one video per week helps me explain the changes happening in ways that people can understand, and it keeps my videos short. It generally takes me an hour to make 2-8min video from start to finish.

Making time for data improvements is critical for reducing the time spent juggling spreadsheets for everyone in my organization. My manager and LMS admin are both invited to this one, but even if they have conflicts, I still spend 1hr per week making the data we deal with daily make more sense.

The GoGoDone that I host every Monday & Friday is a surprise hit for our globally distributed team! They’re basically drop-in coworking sessions that are 2-parts pomodoro, 1-part team bonding, but they’re WAY more fun they they sound ;) If you’re not yet hip to this remote-working powertool, check out https://www.linkedin.com/company/gogodone/

Lastly, the GTD-style Weekly Review is the scheduled close of my week. It’s how I bookmark all the things I didn’t get to “done”, and strategize for the coming week based on all the new info & changes from the previous week. Ideally, this would fit within my allocated work hours, but in reality I often do this is on my own time just so I don’t go crazy. Ok, well…crazier :D

While I can’t always get to each of these every week, having the time set aside in advance helps me hit these targets more often than not — even when it’s super busy.

My world is definitely better for these 5.5hrs of recurring schedule placeholders. Creating measurable habits out of listening to people, making media, improving data, amplifying productivity, & reflection/reprioritization is highly recommended!

Do you have anything like this that you schedule in every week? Do tell!

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