Back on the Productivity wagon


The downside of having optimized my personal productivity and studied and experimented with productivity systems for nearly 20 years, and even having gone so far as to write a book about productive focus, is that I have ZERO excuses left!

I mean, I still come up with dozens of excuses in my own head on a daily basis, it’s just that none of them are new. I’ve heard it all before. And I wish I could say that familiarity helped. Maybe it does a little bit, but I still fall prey to the same traps over and over again.
  • I tend to take on too many commitments
  • I can get caught up in designs & architecture
  • I often don’t allow enough time for my experiments & iterations to take root or demonstrate their success
  • I let myself get so deep into tasks that I don’t switch to the next when it’s time
  • I tell stories that still get the better of me all too often

While I do fall off my own wagon constantly, the only thing that I know that works every time is to get right back on as soon as I can. When I call myself out honestly, without shame or blame or guilt, it makes for a cleaner re-entry into what I have two decades of proof to show actually works for me.

Here that is, in 10 steps:
  1. set a default schedule for the day, and practice it more often than not
  2. document every new input or agreement in the same place so it can be seen
  3. review new inputs every day or two, defining meticulously
  4. review against larger projects every week or so, limit to 5 concurrent
  5. get super specific about success every month or so
  6. align to life goals annually, make sure each truly tugs at the soul
  7. be ruthless about dropping everything possible every step of the way
  8. be rigorous & demanding with all systems
  9. be kind & gentle with all living things (including myself!)
  10. pay attention to what has your attention, keep optimizing

Kindly, gently, climbing back on today!