ChicDesk Final Project


Here’s the final project for the Data Analytics & Visualization college course I’ve been taking this semester on nights & weekends. This is a fictional company, but the data analysis is real and all built out in Tableau by yours truly! ;)

The assignment was to present this data in everyday language and make it understandable to the people who work for this fictional company…in under 10min. It is set in January 2020, which seems so long ago now doesn’t it?

Hope you like the new specs! This was my second day wearing them and their big on-camera debut.

As usual it was down to the wire on this project. Okay, a little past it, actually.

I turned this in nearly 10min late due to a series of technology fails with my ailing & aged MacBook Pro. Halfway though my first take, it spontaneously decided it didn’t like the taste of anything USB and so my fancy mics and cameras didn’t get to participate in the making of this video. So I tried troubleshooting that for an hour. Then reset with a lapel mic and attempted to re-record.

Soon thereafter the audio jack stopped working too. Sigh. Okay, so that’s how it’s gonna be!

Reset again (sorry for the occasional desk wobble). Re-record again! Nearly perfect 8min take — that just stopped after 3min for no discernable reason. Urg.

Finally, after a few more such crashes and timesucks, I stopped eying the ticking clock and just recorded 3min at a time and figured I’d edit it together real quick.

Real quick didn’t exactly happen, but here’s the final with the onboard camera & mic, in 3min chunks, with the fans manually spun low so you don’t hear it straining under the load of a simple video capture in Camtasia.

More crashes at edit & export? Sure, why not! Just for fun.

Then I forgot that I just canceled my Vimeo subscription. And the YouTube render time was slow.

Then I noticed a problem and had to go back and start the whole process over again.

Blah blah late blah.

Has this ever happened to you?

Yeah, I have other computers, it’s true. But my Tableau license is non-transferable and only works on the 10 year old MacBook Pro that I have severely modified, so I was kinda stuck.

Ah well, eventually it did crunch out the mp4. Enjoy! Comments below are welcome as always!

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