Contacting Me


You wanna get a hold of me? The best ways are where all the robots & spammers don’t go. If you’re on Signal or Wire, please say so via one of the methods below & give your handle there when you contact me. These are my most highly filtered and therefore appreciated options these days.

If you’ve never used Signal before, here’s a great tutorial
Same for Wire, beginner’s tutorial here
I’m also on Threema, and am interested in making that my main goto someday.

If you hit me up in one of the following places, I’ll see it and smuggle you my more direct contact info ;)

  1. Call/Text (415) 508-7627‬ This is a Google Voice number. I pretty much never pick it up. But if you leave a message by voice or text, I will see it no matter where I am in the world. I’ll generally get back to you within a day or two, and if not, just try me there again.
  2. Leave a comment below All comment submissions go to me for moderation. So I’ll see whatever you type there, and if you want to say hey or request something, I’ll see that too. Again, it might take a day or two before I reach back, but I won’t miss your message.
  3. And if you want to go crazy and send me stuff, here’s the best address (USPS only)
    Sam Rogers
    PO Box 155
    Ephraim, UT 84627
  4. Email While you can try and email me at one of my various email addresses, please know that my email has been failing me a lot in the last year and I’m not as confident in it as I once was. I wish that were different, and I’m working toward that goal, but frankly I’m not there yet. Thanks!