Diet dialed in


I’ve been experimenting with food on and off for at least 15 years. As a kid, stories of my picky eating were legendary. I’m known to quietly skip eating what doesn’t work for me often.

These days? Feed me and I’m very likely to enjoy it! Whatever, whenever.

Give me a choice, and I’ll pick the items lowest on the food chain (white meat over red, fish over chicken, veg over all, hold the cheese please). Preferably between the hours of 10am and 6pm local time.

Left to my own devices, I eat an exclusively plant-based and mostly organic diet on an intermittent fasting schedule.

By default, it looks like this:
  • 7am = water & coffee
  • 10am-ish = salad, maybe vegetable soup if it’s wintertime. Vitamin B & (in this Covid Era) 2000 IU of vitamin D.
  • noon-ish = more water, tea/coffee
  • 3pm-ish = plant-based protein shake with plenty of greens. Organic multivitamin (from Costco, nothing fancy).
  • 5pm-ish = self-prepared tasty vegan meal, possible glass of wine

So I’m basically a polite vegan.

Technically, I’m not a vegan at all. Because I still wear leather and make diet exceptions as needed for sociability, without comment. And because I grew up in the country and I don’t take issue if animals were harmed in the making of my meal. This is for my health, and for that I will consistently choose the healthiest thing for me.

I don’t know what the healthiest thing for you is, but for me it’s clearly a meatless and dairy-free food supply. This is the diet that fuels me best and is least likely to trigger the cancer, heart disease, and other issues that run in my family. It’s also the smallest attack vector for pathogens and bioaccumulating toxins, and it’s the kindest and least damaging diet for our planet.

I’m not here to convince you or to threaten anyone’s beliefs. So don’t try to convince me or threaten mine, please. And if you choose to do so, be prepared to lose this argument because I’ve spent much of my life thinking this through ;)

After so many years of doing keto, mediterranean, nutrient-rich, acid-light, vegetarian, vegan, low-sugar, low-carb, slow-carb, gluten-free, caloric-restricted, fasting, and other dietary trials, I think I’ve settled to a happy medium.

I’m happy with it, anyhow. I am what I eat, and I know what I am.

How about you? What feeds you?

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