The Web Browser Do Over


Google Chrome was my primary web browser of choice for the last decade. Not any more.

As others have written about at length, Google’s browser serves Google very well. But for those of us who use it? Not so much, it’s basically spyware now. Plus with today’s release of Chrome80, it’s a colossal pain in a patootie for eLearning Developers like me.

My new default is a familiar one: Firefox!

I do still use Chrome for testing, and for my social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), visiting Google properties (YouTube, gDrive, etc.), or other tracker intensive activities (Amazon, etc.). Basically, when I’m using Chrome, I know everyone is spying on my and selling my behavior to the highest bidder without me ever seeing a cent.

Meanwhile, Firefox is great because it:
  • loads fast
  • syncs bookmarks & settings across all platforms
  • works on my laptop (Windows 10), my Mac (MacOS), my iPad (iOS), and my server (CentOs Linux)
  • has working privacy & security features
I also have all of the following installed, and if you don’t like Firefox for some reason, you might want to check these alternate browsers out too: Not considered, due to lack of cross-platform support:
  • Edge
  • Explorer
  • Safari
  • Avast Secure
  • Avant

What’s your favorite way to be on the web, and why? Comment away, using your favorite browser of course :)

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