Don't be a Computer


For most of history, the word “computer” was a job description. It meant a person who computed things, generally for an organization.

In my parents lifetime, this started to shift, meaning a large device that computed things, generally for an organization.

In my childhood, this started to shift again, meaning a small device that computed things but generally for people like you and me.

By the time I was in college, the computers had started talking amongst themselves more often than not. Since then these networked devices became our phones, our watches, the things we have to try to put out of our arm’s reach. I have six such devices on my desk right now, and another 28 on my home network if I count up all the IP addresses.

At no point in my grandparents’ life did they imagine I’d have 34 computers working for me, because those were people, and how much computing does any one person really need to do?

So to those who worry about AI taking their job, yes your fear might be justified. If your current job is to do what a computer can do faster & better than you can, your days are numbered.

But if your job is to help harness a greater power than was needed previously or to solve problems in the face of rapid change & perpetual uncertainty, not to worry.

AI can help you do that.

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